Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gifts from the Heart Gone Wrong

People always say that gifts from the heart are more meaningful than actual presents. So, this year I decided to give Jim a gift from my heart. He's been asking me to start a blog to record our family events for several years. I started one in the summer, on a night when he got called in to work a night shift, but then I promptly forgot about it.

So, for Christmas, I had the brilliant idea to promise him that I would update my blog at least once every two weeks. Well, it's February 6, and not one post has appeared! Jim is no longer going to believe me if I try to give him a gift from my heart. I guess I'll just have to buy him an IPad for his birthday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet Tadpole

The innocent one. Charlie (age almost 3 months)

Charlie is a great smiler and is starting to coo. He continues to amaze me by just hanging out all day watching me chase Will and Noah around. He also falls asleep on cue! Charlie must have known that the future of his younger siblings was hanging in the balance, and he is trying to tip the scale in favor of a possible sister or brother in the future.

Meet Frog and Toad

Noah (age 4) and Will (age 6). This is my current favorite picture of Will and Noah.

Noah loves loading things up in his 'rescue pack' and carrying them around the house. He also loves sleeping in tents, but he hates to be cold. So, camping is fun for him as long as it isn't early spring or late fall.

Will just finished kindergarten today and is an expert on ocean life and sharks in particular. Will loves sports and plays imaginary versions of every sport in our hallway. He has also learned how to navigate to the Red Sox official website so that he can watch all the highlights from their games.